About Me

Hello! I’m Christel, and I love art.

I discovered art recently. It all started with adult colouring book, given by a good friend as we were going through stressful times with one of our kids. This was 2017. 

It was instant love! I quickly broke out of the lines of the colouring books, and took some drawing classes at my local art school, the Ottawa School of Art, where I met wonderful teachers and supporting fellow students. I started to venture to watercolour, took more classes, and watched a lot (and I mean – A LOT) of YouTube videos. 

Fast forward to 2020. We all know what happened to the world! Art came to the rescue and helped me get through the stressful times. I retired from my full-time job in the Fall of 2020 and have now a lot more time for Art. I recently started to specialize in House Portrait as I love perspective! 

I hope you enjoy your visit 🙂