I love doing pet portraits! Our beloved pets are such an important part of our life. 

My pet portraits are done in pastels, which create a vibrant painting of your companion. All you need to get started is a good quality photo of your pet, and to get in touch. (See below for photo tips).

I recommend a size of 11.5’x15.5’, as it allows me to paint enough details. But I’m open to other sizes.

Price for an 11.5 x15.5 is $300 Can, shipping included. I can ship worldwide.

Photo tips

Try to take a picture at eye level of your pet

Photos taken in natural light and outside are the best. Avoid flashes.

I find it more interesting if we can clearly see the eyes of your pet.

Picture of the highest resolution are preferred. To check the resolution, zoom in. The details should not be blurry.

Choose a picture you love, and that represents your pet’s personality!